Chrysler Grand Voyager – my review

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is a cow with a checkered history, it’s very good at some things what isn’t the full tickets because it misses out in a major way, in other departments first the good news. If you need to carry 7 people and still have some space left over for that luggage the grand Voyager could be the call for you the cries as big sliding tools also make getting in and out of date a breeze. And even grownups would be happy to travel on the said wrote something that can be said of very few because indeed what small when you don’t need to drive people around but want to truly enormous amount of space. Cries that could also be just the calm.

Chrysler Grand VoyagerThe brilliant stowing go seats fold down flat into the floor in seconds to create a flat luggage area while they also offer a concealed storage when you convert back into a people mover it’s fantastically flexible then but it isn’t a tool nimble you feel every inch of the car’s size and weight out on the road where it feels cumbersome through the corners. Steering is numb the performance sluggish and despite its mass of the ride isn’t good. Even if the ground Voyager does a possible job of keeping wind and road noise to a minimum quality doesn’t feel up to scratch and Chrysler has a poor record for reliability in the JD powers satisfaction survey so that could be some headaches ahead running costs are okay but equipment levels a lavish. More info read at

Top version’s even come with a leather upholstery and a DVD entertainment system for those sitting in the back midrange touring is where we put our cash to benefit from the alloy wheels and steering wheel mounted stereo controls that are added to the triple zone climate control and power and sliding doors common to all models aids bake it’s clever and it’s well equipped but it’s not particularly nice. There’s a vast amount of room inside the ground Voyager while converting from people carry it up is simplicity itself quality concerns and deploy driving experience hold the Chrysler back from being a brilliant ka however contend it into an average one.