Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab

Everybody welcome back to DNA motor sports today we are checking out the nearly brand new Dodge ram SRT 10. But the hood here lifted directly from the Dodge viper isn’t a 0.3 liter V10 engine this engine makes 505 horsepower it really is the exact same motors in the viper super fast super powerful makes different sounds even thinking here out of Dodge ram pickup this is routed to the 4 speed automatic the goes up the rear wheels 22 inch wheels I might add but 763 miles as it’s brand new and virtually every possible way part of a collection reaction but a couple cars of this collection. And this being one of them virtually. I mean how else can you replicate. The rear the SRT 10 just like you’d expect of a brain truck.

Dodge Ram SRT-10 Quad CabThis bad has the cargo liner I goes across the floor but when the pain across the bed is virtually perfect. I don’t cover Pops up right there in the. Very prominent SRT logos it’s dead center but I don’t think anything’s. Acura set from the car cover that was back here. Climbing in. Even smelled like a brand new Dodge. That you have met in one of the Dodge ram that’s the Venice point is tie you actually have fantastic visibility but the seeds of viper inspired you get much more amplified bolsters. How the decorum got SRT 10 specific gauges as well as like a carbon fiber style trim. As does have some good options you got dual zone climate control as well as the factory. Yeah addition system right in here. But when the fire this thing up especially being a 0.3 liter V10. That’s pretty sick was watch this thing flexes. Read it NDA But a lot of torque. Pick up truck like that. Mmhm. Being a quad cab does of individual rear doors and the seats fold up just one hand check this out. Follow up just like that exposes the load floor as they call it. Pulled right out I you put hundreds of pounds of stuff on there apparently but you also have the optional infinity subwoofer back here. New hid oracle headlights Dodge Ram. So you get even more bass. From your amazing music. No joke. This ram SRT 10 quad cab is nicer than when I first left the dealership.

How’s that possible we performed a complete detail worthy of the international Auto Show circuit to further exemplifies printer condition. Finished in brilliant black metallic over medium slate gray leather this ram SRT tennis completely stock and it’s covered only 762 miles since leaving the factory. The exterior is perfect. As are the optional 22 inch polished wheels wearing 30540 R. 22 prev the scorpion 0 tires. Thought Clinton hoods Cooper standard as part of an aggressive SRT 10 exterior to core. Under whose incredible power plant the 0.3 liter V. 10 really that 500 horsepower and puts out in the men’s 525 foot pounds of torque. The 4 speed automatic since power to a limited slip rear end. Regardless of size this is a very powerful, and very athletic truck the drug like a true performance machine. Inside the SRT is very well equipped. The viper inspired leather front seats are heated in the driver’s seat features power adjustments and power adjustable pedals.

The multi function steering wheel host controls for the Dodge navigation system. Which is home to the infinity sound system with 6 disc CD changer and optional Sirius satellite radio. Equipped with the optional communications package the you can access them enables hands free Bluetooth connectivity for yourself on. When new this ram at a price of $55915. Now not only is it still in brand new condition you can save over $15000 from its original price and now it’s even more of a rare piece of machinery. If you’re in the market let us know.