FORD MAVERICKIn 1993, at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona production of two identical cars – Nissan Terrano II and Ford Maverick has begun, belonging to favorite class of compact cars terrain in the 90s. The first generation of Ford Maverick was characterized by a high body, frame structure and rigidly connected front bridge.

Cars were equipped with turbo diesel or petrol engines with a capacity of 99 and 124 horsepower respectively. Production of the first generation of SUVs has been continued until the end of 1998. Then a contract with Ford Focus hid headlights has been terminated. In 2000, there was the premiere of the second-generation of Maverick. In the US, this model is known as the Escape. It should be noted that between the two cars still there is a slight difference. Under the hood 124-horsepower engine Zetec or a 197-hp engine Duratec was mounted.

If we compare the car with a crossover of the previous generation, in the new model has appeared a lot, in particular transmission, optics and interior elements. In 2005, Ford introduced a new crossover Maverick. The updated car has hardly changed visually. But a lot of changes were made in the interior of the passenger compartment.