Jaguar XE

Jaguar XEJaguar-XE combines a number of advanced technologies such as suspension with Adaptive Dynamics technology, integrated multi-link rear suspension, torque distribution system on the wheel and the brake system Jaguar of the new generation, which provides unmatched precision and smoothness.

Jaguar-XE instantly looker: characteristic perfection of proportions and clean lines for Jaguar distinguish it among the other cars.

Drag coefficient equal to 0.26, allows Jaguar XE literally cut the air, thereby increasing its efficiency and economy. What would attracted to you – capacity of the V6 engine with a supercharger to disperse the car to 250 km / h or lower CO2 emissions to 109 g / km – in our range of engines sure one person will be find that perfectly fits your driving style.

Jaguar XE, not only won the highest rating of “5 stars” in the prestigious Euro NCAP safety rating in 2015, but was officially recognized as the best in its class and the safest car in the category of “Big Family”.