The benefits and disadvantages of the use of gas.

gasFirst of all, the installation of GBE is made to save on fuel – gas, on average, is in 2 times cheaper than gasoline. There are technical advantages of gas. Propane-butane mixture has an octane rating of 105 – more than any gasoline.

he gas is burned in the cylinders of the engine without detonation, smoothly and completely, does not wash off the oil film to form much less soot on the walls and candlelight. Due to this, the engine is operating in more favorable conditions, as result a resource grows by 30-40%. This is especially noticeable at the time of “life” of lambda probe and a catalyst that in driving on gas are longer on half or even more. And this also though indirect, but the savings: at least in the “flushing”, as a maximum – on a major renovation.

However, using gas as a fuel, the engine power is reduced by 10-15%. Thus the gas flow is 15-30% higher than gasoline. Gas balloon equipment increases the weight of the vehicle in the 45-70 kg. The balloon takes place in the trunk or cargo area. Gas is explosion and a fire hazard than gasoline. And finally, you need to pay to put gas equipment.