Drag Specialties LED Headlights Review

Larry let me address all TV here talk today about drag specialties LED lights for Harley. You should be looking into an LED light if you wanna see and you wanna be seen these things are made by Dr specialties to retro fit into just about any Harley on the road today installation is not particularly challenging you’re looking at probably one to 2 beards are 3 beard scaling normally go through. First thing off you can see the beautiful chrome finish on him so he’s gonna look as good or. Oct lights if. X. finish on their. It’s kind of a nice opener. LED headlights those you guys who have not run them before provide more lighting. For less power what this means for you effectively is that you’re going to see more stuff at night and you gonna suck lest you softer battery who does that matter to.

Drag Specialties LED Headlights Those are the guys running a little teeny tiny battery, maybe some guys on choppers or some of you guys on touring bikes. If you have lots of lots of Electrolux accessories in addition to the already merely out of accessories you’ve got on your bike you’re gonna reduce your consumption just a little bit in my get you one more charged on your cell phone before you crap out that battery. The other benefit these 2 is the long life those of you who ran incandescent bulbs in the old days you know how fast ball die and halogens or only slightly better LEDs blow both of them way, in terms of how long these things are last fourth this will likely be the last headlight you put on your bike it’s good to that is the last so long because the light is a decent you’re really gonna like it for you touring guys.

I really like the combo of an http://telkomrdc-media.com LED headlight and then leaving your halogen spots it’s very nice because gives you it’s sort of a narrow pencil like beam down the road with the LED but theory just in front of your bike is sort of softly illuminated by the halogens to really good combo and I think you’ll notice a lot of guys running something like that when you see some of the weapon down the road. By the way do we talk about how these things look coming down the road the really nice they give you that obvious upgrade look but they don’t have that crazy blue task that you see a lot of people who are running you know bulbs of really warm temperatures so that you wanted that purple or bluish cast people do this is really more for a straight white light so the installation piece of this video is gonna be a little bit longer than normal because dragons managed coverage so many hardly miles with so few part numbers there are some specific things you should know about various models so what sort of breaking down as we go through each lap.

The 5 and 3 quarter inch headlamp this is going to be used as we 7 sports there’s an Dinah’s use sports to fellas you might be looking to say well is a headlight block from beneath but mine amounts to an eyebrow it’s not a big deal you can actually just remove this like you remove a standard bald and whole LED assembly comes out as 1 shots you can actually put it into your factory headlight if you can’t use the mounting block arrangement kind of a nice set up very clean very easy. You’re touring folks this should snap right into most your brackets they shouldn’t be they shouldn’t be particularly difficult the 1 item of note is you guys on 2014 touring bikes if you don’t already have an LED set up and running in canned in that year. Harley changed to a duel in canned essence set up so you will have a little extra wiring work to do and there’s also an adaptor you need can find the adapter on the product page link that’s gonna help you do your install cleanly again you can wire around that but it’s gonna make your life may be slightly miserable BFL soft tail lights and fly right and no questions asked.

Installation is not really that difficult if you’ve ever installed a headlight before this is as hard or as easy as that has been for you in the past if you’ve never done one before we do recommend having somebody with you who can help out you probably don’t need a factory service manual for the wiring diagram but if you can solder and you can cut and you can splice you should be able to get your new LED headlight into your bike absolutely no problem. I think these things are really good can be a great upgrade for a lot of you guys especially those you do a lot of night time traveling my opinion however is not the only one that matters yours does click below Levon opinion for another rider or see what some or other riders had to say you questions